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  • Product Name : To Sell D-80 Perfect stone repair systems
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  •    Auya-PSRS D80 is a perfect stone repair systems. We have designed this completely new system for virtually perfect repairs of natural stone. PSRS D80 has been specifically developed for repairing damaged edges and surfaces, impact damage, cracks, as well as defects caused during the installation and finishing of natural stone. It allows for fast, custom-tailored high-quality repairs.

       This technology uses high-quality material. A cleverly thought out range of colors and artificial crystal particles enable the user to create both color that closely simulate natural stone.

    Brief Instructions:

    1.  Trim and clear the defects of the stone.

    2.  Clean the dust and stain of the defects with detergent.

    3.  Choose the appropriate color as the filling agent according to the structure and the color of the stone.
      a) If the color and the crystalline structure of the stone are even, please choose the colorless filling agent.
      b) If the colors of the stone are dark and various, please choose the colorless filling agent or of the similar color.
      c) As for those stones of grain texture, for instance, the marbles please choose the filling agent according to the color of the stone.
      d) The artificial crystal could be filled in the white or black stone that have tiny crystals

    4. Use a LED light source to cure the filling agent.
      a) The curing time of the colorless and light-colored filing agents is 20-40 seconds.
      b) The curing time of the dark and black filing agents is 40-80 seconds.

    5.    Clean the otiose filling agent with a special tool.

    6. Polish the repaired part with special materials.