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  • Product Name : Stone impregnating protection
    Size : A-12, A-12S, A-15
    Country of Origin : Beijing
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    Auya Stone Impregnating Protection is a kind of stone protecting material with extremely strong permeability. It can effectively prevent stone from damage by water or other liquids. It prevents the stone turning yellow, becoming alkalized, weathering, splitting, appearing water-stained or acquiring other blemishes that can be difficult to clean out. It makes the daily maintenance of the stone easier and preserves its natural beauty longer.



    1. Suitable for the surface of stone inside or outside of the room.

    2. Waterproof is good. The ultraviolet ray is steady. It can increase the protective life of the stone. bear alkali good.

    3. The tiny molecular structure makes it easy for Auya Impregnating Protection to pierce through the stone surface and cause a chemical reaction with it to form a lasting and effective protective barrier against water.

    4. Permeates deeply. Ordinary scrubbing or washing will not reduce the effect of protection.

    5. The treated stone still breathes.

    6. Do for granite and marble and sandstone.



    1. Clean the surface of the stone with water and let it dry.

    2. Daub Auya Impregnating Protection to the surface of the stone evenly with a soft brush or a towel.

    3. Paint Auya Impregnating Protection 1-2 times to make it almost saturated after it is dry if necessary.

    4. Wipe the surplus liquid off the surface with the towel half an hour later.

    5. The stone surface which is sealed with Auya Impregnating Protection should be kept dry for 48 hours.



    Test the galley proof first before construction in order to confirm proper consumption.

    Do not use the product under scorching sun or high temperature.

    Observe the common safety rules while doing construction.

    The construction site should be well ventilated.

    Keep out of the reach of children.

    Store in a cool, dry place.  Keep away from fire.


    INGREDIENTS: Organic silicon polymer, mineral solvent.

    ※ Product safety according to European Commission Directive 1999/45/EC(Article 3 [3]).

         Product function measure up NCHRP224 and ASTM standard.

    PH Value:7


    Product classification




    Apply situation

    Impregnating protection


    Do for marble and granite sandstone

    Impregnating protection


    Do granite and sandstone and concrete

    Impregnating protection


    Do granite and sandstone and rough building materials